Practice Range

The practice range will open (mid March – Thanksgiving). Balls may be hit only from designated areas.  Range balls are never allowed on the golf course.  The range hours will be posted seasonally due to the ability to pick and cut the range with the amount of sunlight.  Please adhere to these hours because the range will stay open the maximum amount of time as possible to allow maximum usage. Yellow Range balls and baskets are never to be used on the 19th Hole. There are Range Hours Posted on Range Building and Bagroom Door.
(They change seasonally.)

Practice Area /19th Hole

To ensure the maximum enjoyment of all users we will be using Titleist Pro V1 balls. The balls will be in metal tubes that hold approx 20 balls. Please pick them up after your session so the area stays ready for others. The proper way to practice is to follow our short game scorecard which maps out different short game shots you need to learn.
Please be conscious of others safety and where the balls are going. If you can’t control your ball you should seek instruction to truly enjoy this facility.